Student-Athlete Consultants is an organization created to assist high school students and their families navigate through the recruitment and admission process of playing sports at the intercollegiate level.  Within our recruiting package we provide seminars that cover a broad spectrum of vital information from what coaches truly look for in highlight videos, the importance of campus visits, narrowing your college parameters and 

The Essential 3: Education, Location and Finances.

Educating the future college athlete and their family

the education

the finances

Schools from around the country will be eager to invite you to apply for admission.  But how far are you willing to travel for school?  There are several factors to consider when choosing your location for the next four years.

Student-Athlete Consultants

Public or Private?  Large or Small?  Not all colleges at the same NCAA division offer the same type of education.  Nor does a Private college guarantee a better education for the money.

From filing Federal tax forms to comparing financial aid offers, knowing the basics will best prepare you for the decision of where your dollars and student will go.

the location

our athletes

Grant McConnell


6'3" - 220 - de

5a colorado sack leader - (2013: 17)

GPA: 3.6, ACT: 28, Class Rank: 60/418

Grad Year: 2014, High School: Mountain Range

Bench: 305, Squat: 540, Clean: 295